Non-digital agencies are increasingly being required to supply digital work as the scope of the internet increases. More and more projects involve some aspect of digital work. You may not be in a position to recruit more staff or even start a digital department, in which case we can help you. Array[x] can operate as a trusted partner, allowing you to pitch for and win projects with a digital element, safe in the knowledge that you have an experienced team to back you up.

We operate as a 'virtual team' with you, to all intents and purposes you can think of us as part of your business for the duration of the project, but once delivery is complete, there are no further overheads for you. But, we will still be available the next time a project comes along that requires our help.

We can help at all stages of a project:

  • Pitching: we can go to pitch meetings with you, presenting as part of your team, and help you out on the technical side of pitch documents. We can also help you come up with the ideas which will win the project.
  • Specification: we will help you specify the project fully, and give advice / suggestions where necessary or where we see an improvement
  • Design: if you require help with design, we can provide resource to acheive this
  • Planning: we will work with you to plan the project to achieve the client's timescales
  • Production: you can either leave this with us, or take a more active role in the day-to-day production and testing of the project, depending on your preferences and budget
  • Delivery: we will work with you and your technical staff to make the project live, and deal with any issues arising from the move to production servers

Whatever your requirements are, we have the team and the skills to meet it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss something you have seen here, or if you have a requirement we haven't covered.