Array[x] are experienced project managers / producers. We can fit in with your existing team to provide the level of project management that you are comfortable with - you might want us just to manage elements of the technical delivery, the whole technical delivery or even the whole project as appropriate.

We understand the importance of delivery on commitments, and we treat your commitments as our commitments. We will work hard with you to pin down key dates and then stick to them. We can keep you fully informed of progress along the way, or if you prefer a hands-off approach, you can leave us to just get on with the job, safe in the knowledge that your work is being taken care of by a team you can trust.

"We have always found Array[x]'s work to be of a high standard, delivered on-time and on-budget." - Dan Evans, Technical Director, 141 Worldwide

"I feel completely confident in Array[x] at every stage of a project, and it is the way in which projects are managed by Array[x] that increases my confidence above that of any other external provider" - George Benson, Partner, Elektonika