Array[x] believes that a successful project is one which is has solid foundations - a bulletproof spec is one way to provide those foundations. We believe a spec should be readable by all concerned - not just the techies delivering the work. This way everyone can sign up to the work, everyone knows exactly what is going to be delivered and it makes the process of accurately costing and timing production much simpler.

All these factors together are much more likely to lead to a successul outcome:

  • Sign-off on the spec from all sides - we all know what is and isn't going to be delivered
  • Accurate costing - means the price won't change halfway through a project
  • Accurate timing - means the project will not slip

Of course, we all know that things can change during the course of a project, requirements, the client's mind etc ;) Array[x] commit to be as flexible as possible within a signed-off spec. If a change is going to cause significant extra work, we will cost up the change seperately, if not we will do our best to absorb it in the interests of a smooth-running project.

"Array[x] have good analytical skills which have been invaluable at project definition time and they are always keen to make suggestions on how a project could be improved." - Dan Evans, Technical Director, 141 Worldwide